A Word From Our CEO

PT. Eleva Indorasmi Perkasa is a Professional Elevator Company. We provide our customer with great range of product from home elevator to service elevator. You can trust us on project delivery, cause client trusts is everything to us. We Also provide our client with reliable yet innovative technology.

Our business culture at PT. Eleva Indorasmi Perkasa always put our client interest first. And our working culture is all about professionalism and expertise, “The Right Guy in The Right Place”. By choosing us at your project means you will get our top notch solutions, yes we are not only doing “fire and forget” on every project we had, but we always give our client solution. Our professional team is always ready to serve you more than what you deserve.

We start our journey as Elevator vendor, but our dreams not end there. we’re making new innovation continuously.

They say sky is the limit, But we will go beyond the sky for sure!

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